Adult Classes

The Ballet Studio is a perfect place for adults looking to stay fit, happy and healthy through a workout founded in ballet practice. Whether you've taken ballet before or are a novice, our Lafayette adult ballet classes are open to all adults ages 18 and up. In an open, welcoming environment, these adult ballet classes teach proper technique, as well as focus on strengthening and flexibility training. Adult ballet classes run year-long and are held at our Lafayette, LA location. All adult ballet schedules  are updated regularly on our website. 

Treat yourself by doing something good for your mind, body and soul. Take Ballet!

Registration & Pricing

To attend adult ballet classes at The Ballet Studio, you can purchase a one or two class per week tuition - or use a 5 or 10 class punch card.   


  • 1 class per week = $69.00 month
  • 2 classes per week = $94.00 month

Punch Card

  • 5 classes for $90.00
  • 10 classes for $150.00

Please call us at (337) 269-8887 or swing by in-person to register for any adult ballet classes at our Lafayette dance studio.  


For the adult ballet classes, proper attire is required:  

  • Ballet shoes 
  • Exercise clothing:
    - Leotard, tights, dance skirt
    - Exercise capris and t-shirt

Adult Intermediate Ballet

For our adult intermediate ballet, we have combined several forms of movement into one class to create the perfect workout – the art of classical ballet, plus strengthening and flexibility training. Come and join us as we reshape, tone and improve our bodies, while focusing on correct body alignment, proper ballet technique, posture and strengthening and stretching exercises.

Ballet shoes are needed for Adult Intermediate Ballet classes. Participants may wear dancewear or fitness clothing. Basic ballet experience is recommended. 

This class is 2 hours long and meets twice a week.  

Adult Beginner Ballet

Perhaps you took dance as a child or maybe you never had the opportunity – now is your chance to learn proper ballet technique in this beginner ballet class in Lafayette. This is not your typical beginner class. Yes, you will learn proper technique, but you will also get a great workout and improve your posture while reshaping your body. No previous experience necessary for participation.

Ballet shoes are required. Participants may wear dancewear or fitness clothing.

This class is 90 minutes long and meets once a week. 

Cardio Barre

Come and try out our popular toning barre workout. This highly effective 55-minute toning class combines the many benefits of ballet barre exercises with the conditioning effects of very specific exercise performed with weights, balls and bands. The focus in this class is toning exercises for hips, abs, thighs, upper arms and back.  This is the only true ballet based toning class in Lafayette!