History of The Ballet Studio

The Ballet Studio opened in 1998 to provide the Acadian area with a place where dancers of all ages and levels could study ballet and other forms of dance in an eduction-based, positive and disciplined environment. Beverly F. Spell founded The Ballet Studio based on her own lifelong experiences in the dance industry and with the goal to provide students with the highest quality dance education possible in order to foster love and appreciate of the art of dance, as well as to enhance self-worth and accomplishment for each student. Combining expertise in dance with education theory and talented, friendly staff, The Ballet Studio is able to provide dance education and training in a uniquely thoughtful and encouraging manner. 

The Ballet Studio Locations

The first studio location opened in Milton, LA and attracted dance students from the greater Lafayette area. In October 2012, a second location opened in Lafayette, LA to provide the same excellent training in a more centrally located and spacious environment. To find more about the two studio locations, click here

Home to World-Renowned Leap ‘N Learn Program

With knowledge from over 30 years of dance teaching experience, owner and founder, Beverly F. Spell developed Leap 'N Learn, an extensive dance curriculum and program utilizing proven theories of child development and deep understanding of the progression of movement needed by young dancers. In 2003,  Beverly began sharing Leap 'N Learn with other dance teachers, and in the following year, she co-authored and released, with Annie Spell, Ph.D., Leap ’N Learn – A Comprehensive Early Childhood Dance Syllabus. Now Leap 'N Learn is used in hundreds of dance studios and classrooms worldwide.

Aside from responsibilities at The Ballet Studio, including teaching dance classes, Beverly has continued to develop Leap 'N Learn. She has been busy writing several Leap 'N Learn DANCEcamps, designing related dance coloring books, collaborating on the creation of children’s dance class CDs based on the Leap ’N Learn syllabus, developing many dance classroom teaching props, attending and participating in dance teacher workshops and hosting Leap 'N Learn teacher training workshops. 

At The Ballet Studio, all dance instructors are certified in the Leap 'N Learn early childhood curriculum. You can be sure that all students in The Ballet Studio's Leap 'N Learn classes will be not only receiving the best instruction from this famed program, but that they will have a blast learning about creative movement and ballet! 

A Connection to Angelina Ballerina™

The Ballet Studio also has a very special connection to the loved Angelina Ballerina™ character. In Spring 2012, HIT Entertai nment selected Beverly Spell to design and develop an early childhood dance curriculum featuring Angelina Ballerina™. The products - Angelina Ballerina™ Dance Academy and Dance Camp - are used in studios across North America. And of course, The Ballet Studio is a certified  Angelina Ballerina™ Dance Academy offering these fun classes.