How to make a kid-proof ballet bun 

Please arrive at LSPA + TBS with your student ready for photos. Girls should have light make-up on and their hair in a ballet bun, following these instructions. Thank you! 

  • Slick hair back using a wet brush and hair spray. 
  • Apply more hair spray.
  • Then comb with the wet brush.
  • Pull hair back into a pony tail at the crown of her head. Visualize a diagonal line from the child's chin to the crown of her head.
  • Wrap hair into the bun shape. Secure hair with bobby pins as you wrap the hair around the crown of the head.
  • Your goal is a neat, flat bun. Think Honey Bun!
  • Secure bun with heavy hair pins and bobby pins. Cross or X the pins to anchor them.
  • Don't forget the very important hair net.
  • Try to smooth out all whispies and remember no bangs.

For dancers with short hair, please pull hair away from the face and clip it securely with bobby pins or flat hair clips that blend with the hair color (brightly colored barrettes or bows are not allowed).

We look forward to seeing your smiling faces ready for photos! Don't forget to carefully review the schedule and show up 15 minutes early. Costumes will be ready for students at the studio. If you have any questions, please call the studio at (337) 269-8887.